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Weekly Open Mic Returns Thursday

It has been a while since the city of Louisville's well-known weekly open mic event took place. In May 2022, the event went on a hiatus for several reasons such as the lack of having the right resources to operate the event consistently.

After surviving the rift and rafts of Covid-19 restrictions and several different venue business is now safe to say that the Thursday weekly night event known as The Louisville Vibe.... is back!!

We had a chance to speak with the curator/artist Sasha Renee and her business partner KeAngelo Raymond (502pac) Tuesday evening.

The two tuned in with us on what you can expect when attending the relaunch of the open mic event.

On Thursday February 2, 2023 the event returns at its' new venue, Habana Blues located on Preston Highway in Louisville, KY.

It is a venue where people attending do not have to go home right after the show is over . Instead, there is an opportunity for them to attend "The After Vibe" event. A new offer for those who wish to stay a while network and drink.

Other performances of the night include comedian Thomas Jackson, rapper Marc Dinero, Just La and many more.

Tickets for both events are on sale at

Here's a look at the live interview.

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