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Tyre Nichols Funeral Service on Wednesday

On the night of January 7, 2023 Tyre Nichols, 29-year-old motorist was pepper-sprayed, kicked and beaten by policemen after running from a traffic stop in Hickory Hill toward his parents home. Nichols was severely injured and passed away three days later in the hospital.

The five Memphis police officers involved have been fired and charged with second-degree murder. Two more have been relieved of duty, along with two sheriff deputies and three fire department employees who responded that night have also been fired.

The world was outrage after witnessing footage of Nichols attack and also hearing him call out for his mother. Footage was released on January 27 by the Memphis Police Department (MPD), four video clip edits showing the day of the incident between 8:24PM & 9:24PM. The release of the surveillance along with police body footage quickly led to worldwide protests.

The funeral service will be live Wednesday at 10:30AM (CT) on WREG website and News Channel 3 within the Memphis, TN television area.

Rev. Al Sharpton will deliver the eulogy at the funeral.

Ben Crump, attorney for the Nichols family will deliver a "call to action" during a service led by Rev. J. Lawerence Turner.

Sources say that Vice President Kamala Harris is expected to attend the service as well.

Nichols will be laid to rest at the Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church.


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