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Power II: Ghost returns for season three

Your favorite St.Patrick is back!

Power Book II: Ghost, is the first expansion in the "Power" Universe franchise. Last season had a lot of twist and turns. Ending with both Mecca and Zeke being shot and killed .

Brayden confessing to being over Course Correct & Effie doing whatever it takes to have Tariq to herself again.

The first episode of Ghost displays a test of pride and independence. With the show being titled "Your Perception, Your Reality," it has various characters trying to find their way.

Tariq is given a fresh start at Stansfield while his old roommate beginnings a new career at Weston Holdings.

Monet is grieving the lost of Zeke while her son Cane works on finding a new connect.

Check out the trailer for the third season of Ghost.

The new season premiere is Friday March 17th.

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