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Tyler Perry's New Series: 'Zatima' Premiere Date and Cast Revealed

Two cast members from Tyler Perry's original television show 'Sista's' will soon be featured in the spinoff Zatima. A show that features the main characters Fatima (actress Crystal Renee Hayslett) and Zac (actor Devale Ellis) displaying the highs and lows of their relationship.

If you ever faithfully watched BET Sistas seasons 3 and 4, than you know exactly how the couple known as Zatima came to be what it is now today.

The show will feature the following cast members listed below...




Cameron Fuller


One of Zac's married friends that he plays basketball with. His wife has him wrapped around her fingers.

Remington Hoffman


One of Zac's newer friends and confidant that helps him with all of his stock investments. Bryce is dating Angela who happens to be one of Fatima's best friend.

Nzinga Imani


Fatima's best friend who is dating Bryce. Angela has no idea that Bryce new friend is the man Fatima has been talking about moving in with. Eventually she realize she's hard a lot about his crazy past.

Jasmin Brown


In the day she's a nail technician and at night she's a stripper. She also serves as Zac's tenant.

Guyviaud Joseph


Zac's friend who isn't very fawn of love and relationships. He tries to convince Zac to enjoy his money and freedom.

Danielle LaRoach


Fatima's friend who "tells it like it is." She adds on several challenges to Zac and Fatima's relationship.

The new series is schedule for a 10-episode season.

The show premiere on BET+ September 22 with two episodes available a week prior to the original release date of September 29, 2022.

Check out the trailer below.


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