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Teens Celebrate Passing of CROWN ACT Ordinance in Louisville

The Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair (CROWN) Act is now law in Louisville, Kentucky, thanks to a group of young teens known as The Real Young Prodigy's.

The CROWN Act was created in 2019 by The Crown Coalition and Dove as a movement that aims to protect all different styles of hair within the black community. California was the first state to pass the law.

In March 2020, The Real Young Prodigy's (TRYP) rallied alongside other youth and supporters to the Kentucky state capitol in Frankfort for the passing of House Bill 43. Thus far only 13 states have completely passed the legislation and Kentucky is not one of them. However, the ordinance of stopping discrimination against natural hair within any school or workplace did become law in other cities such as Covington.

National CROWN Act Day is now celebrated each year on July 3.

The power in black hair independence is magical and says so much about an individual. Singer India Arie mentions how she is not her hair, whereas other celebrities' teach us for others to not touch our hair and for us to whip our hair back and forth.

TRYP rise to fame began with their single RAParations, a song that caused a lot of controversy due to it's civil right historical references. The Prodigy's serve as a voice not only for themselves yet also younger people within their community.

The group was formed at Wheatley Elementary School under the instruction of the 2019 Kentucky Elementary Teacher of the Year, NyRee Clayton-Taylor. A teacher who teaches her students creative reading and writing through hip hop.

Last year their focus centered around Police Brutality which includes fighting for Justice For All black lives across the country including one that hits very close to home, the life of Breonna Taylor.

TRYP music has both powerful content and dancing fun for people of all ages.

On Saturday the group of teens were able to display that during their concert celebration at the Shawnee Community Center where MelodicallyInTune's own Melody Simone served as the hostess for the afternoon.

Be on the lookout for more empowering music and events from The Real Young Prodigy's.

Here are the NaeNae Twins TikTok dance challenge to TRYP song CROWN. Show off your crown and lets see what you got...

You can sign the petition to help ban discrimination against natural hair by going to


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