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Become a Midnight Sensual Sensation

"Dreams can go wild and so are you!"

It's more than a dream it's a fantasy that does not have to only be fulfilled at 12AM.

The mirage is always present even on Monday Morning's.

"Midnight Mirage" is a new dance series created by Daiy'Jovon (Day/Joh-Vawn) T Glenn. Her presentation of sensual, erotic and hip-hop dance concepts debuted on 7/11 with a private video shoot party at Mellwood Art and Entertainment Center.

Majority of her choreography are freestyle's made to set way for everyone to catch the flow of their own body versus going based off several 8 counts.

Midnight Mirage, has been a dream of Daiy'Jovon's since about the age of 16 years old; while dancing with her sister at a young age she noticed how free it felt despite whatever mood she was in prior.

"Midnight has been a safe haven for me."

Having a goal to spread positive energy to everyone that needs a boost after facing their lowest point of life Daiy'Jovon says by "going out to clubs, house parties, friends sleepovers, inviting people to come twerk and dance all night at her house," or any other way you can imagine helped her escape.

Dancing plays hide and seek with her happiness Daiy'Jovon wants, "to help stand up against any stress and anger that is putting the weight on your shoulders." Midnight definitely lifted her up during the lowest point of her life countless times.

During Midnight Mirage's 7/11 video shoot where several dances performed to song selections from both mainstream and independent artist, such as Louisville native singer Rob Lee.

The song "Monday Morning" is a featured single on the 'Art of Flight' album "in some way all of my music have a sensual vibe because I tend to sing sensual" says Lee. Other songs of his are Keep It Real, Voodoo and Show Me.

Sensual dance is an up-rising and popular style of dance. It's something people can do just for fun or to even please their significant other.

Midnight Mirage one-on-one sessions are currently available.

Prices range from $15 to $25 depending on the level of assistances needed.

Midnight Mirage also have custom samples of erotic stories coming soon.

Be sure to stay tune for more tutorials on hip rolling and grabbing a connection with the subject in your chair or standing before you.

Don't let your mirage be stationary with just you!

Follow Midnight Mirage on...

Facebook: @MidnightMirage2020

Instagram: @MidnightMirage2020


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