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Hype!Vision: ‘Trill Summer’ Now In Development; Seeking Investors

Following the success from their film Frat House, the party series continues with what you know will be a Trill Summer!

A July 2015 mixtape titled "Trill Summer" produced by DJ PartyAllWknd and DJ Cam is ready to turn into a pool party movie. The film is the second production created for the party people in the world and is bound to bring a comedic aspect.

As we follow a young, wild college party promoter named Kendrick Carter, who’s planning to throw a huge party for the summer. Being short on cash and having a soft spot for the ladies, he agrees to work for a beautiful sponsor named Kim. He soon finds out that Kim is hiding her true intentions, not only with him… but with the party as well. 

Rodney Cox, Director of Frat House: A College Party Movie returns to direct this film that will take place in Miami, Florida.

"Frat House laid the ground work, now Trill Summer is ready to carry on the baton. Teasing a much bigger party on the way."

Information in regards to Louisville, KY auditions for the film are soon to be announced.

Hype!Vision Entertainment will host a Investor Mixer in April as well, although their main priority at this time is to seek financial partners to help create the film and turn it into another success.

If you are interested email .

Click here to listen to the original Trill Summer mixtape.


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