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Ciara New Single Better Thangs

She told us to 'Level Up' in 2018 and now R&B singer Ciara is bringing us back to the 90's with her new music video for her single 'Better Thangs' featuring Summer Walker.

Ciara's most recent popular single Level Up released on her seventh studio album 'Beauty Marks' through her independent label, Beauty Marks Entertainment. The album Beauty Marks charted at number 87 on US Billboard 200 which serves to date as Ciara's lowest ranking.

Is Ciara back with something else to prove?

"Lately, I been livin' my life, I don't pay the hate no mind. Doin' better things with my time, yeah..." - Ciara First Verse in Better Thangs

Since 2016, Ciara has been enjoying her married life to NFL quarterback Russell Wilson. Forgetting about all the drama that once came along with past relationship of rapper Future. Within the new song she mentions it's, "only winners on her team," Ciara has found better thangs in life overlooking what anyone else within the press has to say.

Ciara's new music video is inspired by the movie B.A.P.S (Black African Princesses). It is a film that features actress Halle Berry and the late Natalie Desselle, who passed away in 2020.

The music video features choreographer and appearances by the NaeNae Twins who are both currently pregnant and expecting the arrival of their baby boy's over the next few weeks. Check out their behind-the-scenes footage.

Here's a look at Better Thangs by Ciara featuring Summer Walker.

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