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Back On The Road: Millennium Tour 2K21

The first successful Millennium Tour began in 2019 with artists such as Mario, Bobby V, Chingy and more. Overall concept of the tour is to bring nostalgic music vibes to people that grew up within the 90s' and early 2000's era. With a very versatile line-up the tour brought out people of all ages both young and old. If you think about some of the trendy clothing styles people wore during that time ranging from extra large airbrush white tees to jersey dresses and Baby Phat outfits... leaving room to welcome all newer styles as well.

With so much talk and hype evolving around the first tour. There were hopes of another tour and many opinions on who should have been and should be apart of it. People were wondering "how can they have a tour for millennial's without having artists on the ballot such as Chris Brown, Bow Wow, Soulja Boy, Ciara and more."

G-Squared Events decided to bless the world with another one.

Only this time with a slightly different line-up adding on different artists such as Sammie, Soulja Boy and Ashanti (first female performer to be a part of the tour). Artists Lloyd, Pretty Ricky and Ying Yang Twins from 2019 ballot returned for the 2020 tour dates.

Instead of being one of the last few stops on the tour --- Louisville, Kentucky was the first stop for Millennium Tour 2020.

Then, main attraction was to witness the reunion of popular 2000 boy band B2K. Yet, this time around thing to look forward to was collaborative effort of former B2K band member Omarion and solo rising teen rapper (Lil) Bow Wow.

Just for when things were kicking off to a good start in 2020, the spread of a health virus decided to ruin it all!

The Coronavirus known as COVID-19 led to the entire world shutting down which meant no more Millennium Tour for the rest of the year. Ending the tour just a few show dates later in Raleigh, NC with remaining cities ticket owners wondering if they will be able to enjoy the experience. With so many postponed and rescheduled dates within 2020, there was hope that everything would get back to a sense of normalcy.

Unfortunately, that slight chance at normalcy did not comeback around until the beginning of 2021. People are now vaccinated and have better insights on how contracting Coronavirus can be prevented.

In February noise about the tour picking up where it left of from began to circulate again. Last year ticket holders had the option of either refunding their tickets or holding on to them for access to the new scheduled show dates.

The Millennium Tour 2021 tickets are now on sale with the same artists line-up from 2020.

Be sure to search for several different artists Meet & Greets available to fans.

Below are the new tour dates and where you can purchase your tickets for the experience.

The tour begins October 1, on the west coast in California

Visit and your local box office for tickets.

Stay tune with @GSquaredEvents for all your latest concert updates.


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