Thriving Five With Dope Vibes

Not many events within the city of Louisville, KY are able to make it past one year let alone five years of consistent planning, hard work and perhaps even some tears.

It's definitely attainable for an event to see it's fifth annual anniversary.

For the past five years independent rapper, Sasha Renee has been putting on for her city with a weekly Thursday night Open Mic event.

The Love Ambassador herself served as the original host for the platform that welcomes comedians, poets, vocalists and band instrumentalists.

On February 26, 2015 at The Cure Lounge, which is permanently closed and now known as The 21st Amendment Tavern located on the 1400 block of South Shelby Street.

Born there was "The Vibe" with spotlight artist performance by Justin Jackson and DJ Bedrock on the 1's and 2's helping to create hopefully what will be a dope experience for more days to come.

There are 52 weeks within a year and just

within the first year alone...

"Celebrating the first calendar at the Vibe really got me thinking. Reflecting on the past year and all the Thursdays we've enjoyed - 43 to be exact! From the 12 people nights to the 100 people nights! From 4 performers on the list to 24 performers. The Vibe has seen 5 venues, 4 cover charges, 8 DJs, 15-20 different host, all black vendors, so many vibe debuts and first time performers finally breaking the ice through this platform and 45 headliners and artist from Louisville, Lexington, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Wilmington, Chicago, Ferguson, Dayton, & Nashville just to name a few!! We've had ups and downs, consistencies and inconsistencies, but we've always brought love smiles and positive vibes! We've been able to bridge the gap within Louisville and beyond! We've been able to bring out a unique audience with tons of new faces each and every week ! I'm in my feelings y'all! It feels so good to see my visions come to fruition! LETS CELEBRATE TONIGHT!!!!!"

- Sasha Richmond (Facebook post, 02/25/2016)

Here's a look at the one year anniversary in 2016 hosted by Candice and DJ Bombshell on crowd control at Coconut Beach Night Club.

Performers for that night included Sean P., A-Game, 2Deep, Kori Black and more.

The show for the night featured poet B.Shatter, the video below is his performance with poet Lance G. Newman a spoken word titled 'ESPN.'

The dope vibes continue...

Over the years different guests host, headliners and even dj's have been given the opportunity to be a part of this experience.

The event has been held at various locations throughout the city of Louisville some venues include Coconut Beach, OUTERSpace, Haymarket Whiskey Bar, The Mag Bar and now where it's been held consistently for the past 2 years at Nirvana located on Bardstown Road.

'The Vibe Open Mic' is the longest running open mic event within the city and rightfully earned the name change of becoming known as 'The Louisville Vibe' after having it's fourth year anniversary in 2019.

The WkndwithTez Radio Show serves as the fourth Thursday of each month special guest hosts. Since the second year anniversary of the open mic #WkndwithTez has served as the hosts for the annual celebration.

2017: Cino Fresh headlined at Haymarket Whiskey Bar

2018: DesignerFlow headlined at Nirvana

2019: Flava In Your Ear Challenge at Nirvana

If you missed Thursday night fifth year anniversary here is a live video presented by #LiveXport

Headliner for the night Raymore with Sean Clay and the Soul Ride Band. Other performances included Ms. G Pretti, YGB Jay, Berran Lee, Tez of 2 Deep, Rob Lee, Shreeta Marie, Thomas Jackson, Outlaw G., Boss Marino and many more including the curator and true star of the show Sasha Renee.

The Louisville Vibe continues again.. if you are interested in being apart of the show email

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