"Sorry I Stood You Up Last Night" Album Release Party

Roughly two months later after releasing his music video for 'Dunkaroos (Just Another Afternoon)' a single from "1st Edition Charizard" which released at the beginning of the year 2019.

Louisville, Rapper Peter Wesley is back to showcase his new project "Sorry I Stood You Up Last Night." Wesley stated under an Instagram post he pinky promises "it's the best material [he's] made yet."

An album featuring seven songs with no artist features. Wesley will host an album release party on Saturday, November 9 at Kaiju Bar located in the Germantown area.

In addition to Peter Wesley performing all new music there will be other rap performances from artists such as Dom B. and Cino Fresh with DJ Fred 100 on the 1's and 2's.

1004 East Oak Street

Louisville, Kentucky 40204

9:30pm until midnight

Entry to attend is $5

We don't think you want to be the one on the following day saying 'sorry about last night' because you did not attend.

You can pick up your hard copies of the new album available for purchase on November 9, at the release party.