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Basic Branding Startup Brunch

It's more than just building a business...

"You must speak life into your business...YOU are the brand!"

The Reg Morgan Experience and Event Planning, CEO Morgan Garr held their first networking brunch event on Saturday October 5 at Chandeliers.

An intimate event created for those who are either starting a small business or been in business for a few years now. Entrepreneurs interested and willing to shun light and spread wisdom to others who need the extra resources and support.

To start off the event poetess and host, Robin G. requested for everyone attending to stand up and form a circle introducing themselves to the person on their left.

Within the room various businesses were represented ranging from journalists, poets, web designers, massage therapists, personal trainers, eyelash technicians to event planners and much more.

Music was provided by DJ Bombshell who gave us some music to help else self reflect along with setting the tone for the Keynote Speaker and CEO of Manhattan on Broadway, Nachand Trabue to deliver a powerful message: "Own your brand, you are the brand!"

Trabue mentioned that a business is bigger than any logo and paper, it is about the experience. As a owner one must have 'BRANDfidence', the belief in themselves and their services before trying to sell something to someone else.

Having a business requires, investing, if one does not spend money then there will be no money made in return. Trabue also shared the importance of having a 'brand strategy plan' and the mistakes she made when she chose not to listen to her coach and team amongst the start up of her business.

"A Company is bigger than tangible items!"

Therefore, customer service is everything.

Based on Trabue's experience throughout the years she seems to have the entire package and alone makes her highly qualified to run an entire business all by herself if need be. She's been instilled with an abundance of knowledge and fundamentals of how to help brands grow.

Following Trabue's speech the host shared some words as well. Robin G. spoke about how the saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" is often times a lie. Words are very powerful and people must create their own existence in what they want to live and thrive in.

G. had attendees to unwrap themselves by writing down five different barriers. While taking a few moments to write those things down she kindly shared some of her personal barriers as well.

"I will not allow my ____ to block my blessing!"

Instructing for everyone to yell aloud those barriers they may have and allowing their voice to take control of their minds killing those negative cognitions.

"It's a journey... all is intentional... it's a lesson."

Leaving everyone to think about what they will do today, tomorrow and a while from now that will help them further build their brand and business successful.

The food and mimosa's for this event was provided by Cooking with Jan.

Various vendors such as Chase Ur Dreamz, Novae Money, Screenshot Studios, LegalShield, Tops Louisville Magazine and Brand N' Trance were set up around the room.

An opportunity for business entrepreneurs to take professional head-shots while attending the brunch were available as well, pictures were taken by photographer Denisha McCauley.

A ticket raffle for prizes such as lashes, discounts on branding classes and more were available at the event. Other businesses who were not physically present to show off their brand and promote their services were giving the opportunity to provide some freebies for those who attended the event.

If you missed out on this event there will always be more. Be on the look out soon for other events from The Reg Morgan Experience.

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