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Meet Some of the #IAmRoyalty Affiliates

See what some of the affiliates are up to and what they have to say about being a part of the entertainment group I Am Royalty.

If you wish to know more about IAmRoyalty click here.

Methodical Wun @methodicalwun

Serving as the WkndwithTez Radio Show content manager as well as being a true all around business man. Methodical, is a true O.G. talented musically on the stage, behind the scenes and within the kitchen. You can get some 'Big Bruh's' seasoning and a beat made for your next single from this guy along with an article possibly featured on "But Is It Dope Tho" website where he serves as a leading writer. Catch Methodical Wun on the radio waves, some place performing or cooking a delicious meal.

La Espada @its_just_la

She serves as one of the female hip-hop artist within the group, definitely pulling up and hoping out on whatever scene. Check out her latest single "BestFran" featuring Gio El Futuro. Every month this fall bringing all new music starting with the month of September new single to be released on the 29th called "Forever Love" featuring Kori Black and Sasha Renee. Stay tuned for more music from La Espada.

Gio El Futuro @gioelfuturo

"Most beneficial part about being in I Am Royalty is networking. Having access at fingertips which has been super beneficial...Even if it’s not growing within people. I’ve noticed that all of us just kind of push each other to be better artist in whatever fashion whether it be photography, videographers whatever that might be. We always push each other to be better!"

#IssaFuego latin music artist who was down for a few months due to some health issues yet it didn't stop his grind for too long. Going harder than ever with his latest album titled "Zero" as well as an entire clothing line. Gio, is nominated for the 2019 Latin Music Awards Kentucky Best Latin Urban Artist of the Year, Best Latin Song and more. Although the majority of Gio's music is sung in a different language, he has a single that is fully recorded in english for us all to bust down to.

Semi @2exclusivesemi

Hear the horn blow there's a Semi coming through. Rapper who is all about bringing some unique Cali swag. Fashionable neck scarves tends to be this artist thing when he . Semi latest album is called "Ultra." He has a single out now with the founder of IAmRoyalty, Tez of 2Deep called "Cakes" with a joint album "By the Horns" soon to be released.

DJ Xavi @djxavigram

"It’s great love the family, love how everybody supports each other [being more of] a Latin deejay so it has open doors for me as far as hip hop and getting into different markets … mainly I love the connections that everyone is a part of."

A cool, fly and international deejay around the city. He serves as latin artist Gio El Futuro's brother and manger. DJ Xavi is raising an even younger generation of IAmRoyalty with his son, teen singer Yariel also known as YoYo. If you have DJ Xavi on the 1's and 2's many could expect to have a great time. He is not only summit to playing all latin music he tends to mix it up every now and then. Xavi is nominated for the 2019 Latin Music Awards Kentucky Best Latin DJ of the Year. If you ever have a chance to speak with him ask about his journey becoming a deejay and what type of challenges he's faced along the way but don't interrupt him nor give him your music to listen to or play during a set of his.

Peter Wesley @peterwesley22

'The champ' is probably somewhere on an afternoon chilling in a room eating Dunkaroos. Wesley recently released his first music video ever for his song, Dunkaroos (Just Another Afternoon). Wesley is a huge WWE fan that often times he can be pictured without his championship belt over his shoulder but within his music he makes references often about being the champ. Peter released the "1st Edition of Charizad's" album at the beginning of 2019 which has a few nostalgic references throughout. Peter has performed at various festivals around Louisville, KY along with collaborating with some other amazing artist both affiliates and non-affiliates of IAmRoyalty entertainment group.

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