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New Online Music Show, TechniQolor Coming Soon

Bringing you nothing but SoulTrain, BET 106&Park, Rap City in the Basement and MTV TRL type of vibes with this new show.

An amazing concept brought to us by an entrepreneur and writer of the movie Frat House, DJ Darryl "PartyAllWknd" Stephens presents us with the show, 'TechniQolor.'

"People can expect to be entertained and visually stimulated. The goal is to produce vibes through the screen. It's also a dope way to introduce some new, upcoming artist to the world." -DJ PartyAllWknd

TechniQolor is a show that will highlight independent artist as well as showcasing dope mixes of well known music gurus.

The name of the show serves as a combination for both words technique and color. The original premise for the show had to find a way to display PartyAllWknd's skills as a DJ with a twist to it.

Once him and his team director Rodney Cox, creative director Keshia Parker, director of photography Kyle Gordon and co-host Kina Turner "started developing the show which then took off and created a life of its own," PartyAllWknd states.

The show is scheduled to premiere Wednesday, October 16, 2019 on the TechniQolor TV YouTube page.

Host Turner interviews artists about recent tours, music videos, dance challenges and more.

The first episode is expected to give everyone a lot of F.L.A.V.A with special guest Hip-Hop Femme Rap artist Sasha Renee along with providing a Dreamville mixtape vibe featuring dancer Phillip Hancock.

"As a DJ, I come up with the set. Whether its a particular artist or genre... then we build the set from there. A lot of times the set will coincide with the music, ex. J.Cole mix has a basketball... we all know J.Cole loves basketball. Little stuff like that."

The show will air weekly on YouTube every Wednesday at 6pm. The first season may have a few breaks in between but we have plans for 10 episodes each season.

The next scheduled show will be the following Wednesday, October 23, 'The Marathon Continues' and following weeks episode three titled 'Heyyy Mrs. Carter Part One.'

For those interested in being a part of the show email:

Follow TechniQolor on social media

Instagram: @techniqolor

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