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Singer Jacquees forced to remove his version of Ella Mai's Trip from online

Fans are not happy that they can no longer find the 'remix' online.

Jacquees is known for taking original songs and doing his own versions of the tracks. But when the singer took on Ella Mai’s single, he had no idea that his version would take the internet by storm.

Singer Ella Mai is an upcoming artist known for her popular singles 'She Don't' and 'Boo'd Up.'

Trip, served as another one until Jacquees decided to make a remix version leaving fans amazed by his vocals. The single began trending quickly and gained more attention than the original.

Singer Jacquees is heartbroken himself about the removal.

Many on Twitter and other social media platforms are upset about this issue because personally they believed Jacquees version was better.

Fans quickly turned to T-Pain, wondering why his mix to Boo'd Up didn't get deleted.

“Everybody be asking me why I don’t put my t-mixes and s**t on Spotify, Tidal and iTunes and s**t. This is why (sic),” T-Pain said on Twitter.

The singer responded back quickly claiming that he didn't try to make a profit from the track like how Jacquees did.

The visual videos and 'Trip Remix' song by Jacquees has been removed off YouTube and Soundcloud. Although, fans have been sharing downloads to help keep the song 'alive'.

Further details as to why Jacquees was forced to remove the track and video are still unknown.

However, in case you missed out you can take a listen here.

#MelodicallyInTune got you covered!

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