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Living Alone vs. Living at Home

Is living on your own a step towards being grown or mature? Why move out so soon? Is it because you are mature and able to move out or you feel as if you're "grown" and it's the best thing for you to do.

On Friday Wknd with Tez Radio Show within the "Melody Life Tips" segment the topic of discussion was focused on living alone.

How old were you when you lived only? Why did you make the choice to live alone? Along with other key points of why living alone works or doesn't work for some people.

There are many pros and cons on why living at home is a great choice for some folks.

According to an article, here are some of the pros to living on your own:

1) You will save money

2) You won't have to do all the housework

3) You will have someone to cook a nice meal when you can't

4) Your parents can help with your little kids

5) The familiar feeling of being at home

6) The satisfaction of helping your parents

And the cons...

1) You don't have privacy or your space

2) You can't call friends over or have house parties

3) Unwelcome advice about your life

4) Potential fall-out with your folks

5) Your friends and colleagues will make fun of you

6) Your love life is likely to take a tumble

7) You won't learn the hard lessons of life

8) You will make your way into the property market

9) Your parents will always treat you as their child

Within various studies conducted by the Pew Research Center, showing that it is more common for young adults to live at home and for longer periods of time.

To hear the actual Wknd with Tez Radio Show conversation go to Facebook and view the live video.

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