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Eat at PizzaPapalis

Whenever traveling to a new city... I love to get in tune with some great local eateries.

After asking around within Detroit I stumbled across the Greektown area which is not too far from the host hotel were the 2018 NABJ national convention is taking place.

It was only a15 minute walk to Monroe street. A street that is filled with other restaurants door to door from each other, wth menus attached to their doors offering greek, bbq, pizza and more appetizing food.

I was on a budget and had to make a wise decision not only for my taste buds but my pockets as well. I heard some great things about this place called 'PizzaPapalis,' it is the choice I made for my first dining experience while in Detroit.

Their motto is: Bringing authentic Chicago pizza to Detroit!

There are several other locations throughout Detroit. They have a location in other parts of Michigan and one in Toledo Ohio as well.

PizzaPapalis rated as Detroit's #1 Gourmet Deep Dish Pizza place in Michigan.

However, during my first time here I did not buy what the average person would have After analyzing the menu several times and checking with my server on what most people order and what's worth the money that I can get full from...I sauced it up with some pasta at a price lower than $15. The salad and breadsticks was a part of the deal.

It was truly Pastalicious!! Before my departure I intend to go back to see if the pizza is really award winning...

Be sure to check out their menu at

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