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Invest in You✊🏿

It's never to early for one to begin investing in themselves... for it is better to start while you're "young" right?!

Just at the age of twenty-three I have made the choice to invest in my present life just as much as my future.

Growing up I either experienced life without having the things I wanted. As well as often times not having all the things I once needed. Throughout the years, I have also witness others struggling to make certain "ends meet." Most of the times their situations were ten times worse than what I thought I was going through. Often times the struggle came from lack of resources and wise decision making or simply just because life was happening way to quickly for people to maintain.

I chose to create my own success story by making it prevalent that ALL 2018 it would be the year of investing in myself! Investing in every aspect of life whether it's financially, spiritually, emotionally and or physically.

Here are a few things that I have accomplished thus far...

  • Understanding my 401K benefits

  • Gathering Life Insurance quotes

  • Joined a credit union

  • Car note and insurance (My first vehicle!)

  • Increased credit score

  • Began working out and meal prepping again

  • Event planning

  • Understood the power of saying NO

I definitely don't have it all together! Each day I take advantage of those who cross my path. It's interesting learning about others and their experiences. The key is to listen and take notes from more than one person to accumulate your own opinion so that you can have a greater life by the time you're they're age.

It's crazy seeing people's reaction when people hear how old I am, learning that I have a degree, no kids yet and I am so interested in "getting myself together first." They always wish their children would have focused more on themselves first before getting involved with a 'significant other' or making other life changing choices of their own trying to be "grown" not taking any advice from others who have already experienced the challenges they are ready to face.

As I build up my future for myself, I am just patiently waiting for someone special to come along and help contribute to my success made thus far. Then, we can collectively continue to do more successful things together. However in the meantime.... you can just find me some place working hard, traveling more and enjoying life!

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