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Don't Let The Money Make You!

Work, work, work, work, work... WORK!!!

Working tends to bring on a since of independency. Although, you may not own your own business yet nor have others working with and for you, trust me that will come in due time. There's no better feeling than to make your own money and being on your own time. But until then you have to work those long shift hours in order to survive and invest in yourself....that way you never have to ask anyone for a dime.

Working seems like that's all I ever do!... I always say to people, "you have to work even on your days off!"

There should never be a time where you are not trying to advance yourself. Even on the days that you are not physically working out here "securing the bag" making those dollars by the hour. You should take the time out and find other ways to invest in yourself! Whether it's learning about how to get your credit score right, looking into ways on how to become a homeowner or just simply searching for other professional opportunities and ways to honing up on your skills.

The Life of a "Jamaican" Woman

The moment I announced another job people started referring to me as "Jamaican [man]," one he has several jobs.

So what was once just a job, turned into two and then eventually turned into having three jobs...

Yes! I am a three job working shorty. All being part time positions which makes managing them fairly easy.

My most recent job is working at the original Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen as a shift leader. I have a thing for sweets ... so, yes the temptation of not eating everything is hard to resist.

Second job, where I have been working there for a year now is a place located downtown known as Zoup. It's a franchise restaurant originated from the northeast serving you nothing but soups, salads and sandwiches!

And lastly, I work for WAVE 3 News. My early, early morning grind, this job is priority. It's how I go about scheduling my availability for the other two jobs. Normally working Wednesday through Sunday. Whenever I return to work on Wednesday's for some reason I always feel as if there's something I missed out on, due to it being the middle of the week which is my favorite type of day..."Hump Day." On my days off from this job I typical try to work at my other jobs more.

There are days where I go from one job to the next and other days where I work all three jobs within the same day BUT those paychecks though are bound to look real nice 👀👏🏾 however, my bank account as time goes on tends to be questionable. 🤔😎

I get it all the time people ask me "how do you do it?... do you ever sleep?!"

I get it all the time people ask me "how do you do it? Do you ever sleep?!"

Yes, it's simple just get up and do what you have to do! That's why whenever people mention how tired they are it always seems to be a joke to me. Like, "if only you all


There's many days where I think about calling in, just so I can sleep my entire day away even on days that I really am not feeling well...yet I don't I just I thug it out!

The key is to not complain so much about it and remember why you're working so hard. 👊🏾

However, don't work to hard to where you don't make time for yourself, the things you enjoy doing and the people you love spending time with (other than your coworkers). 💆🏾✨

P.S. there are times where I don't get any sleep at all, yet those are the sacrificing I'm willing to make while I'm "young."

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