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Tooth Be Told

It's been years since I've last sat in the chair and was under the light to get my teeth examined.

Today was the day at the age of 23, I'm the one setting up the appointment and filling out the paperwork.

The last time I went to my neighborhood dentist, Dixie Dental was in 2011. I eventually went to the U of L dentistry to see about getting braces since I was still covered through insurance. Although, thanks to the busy life I lived being involved in school and the community, I was never 'able' to go back in time.

I literally graduated high school, went away for college, graduated and never had any dentist appointments. Now, six years later I come to the dentist bearing only 5 cavities. In my opinion that's not too bad for someone who as a kid never really had any.

Four of these cavities where located on the top row in the back... two on each side, placed side by side. As for the fifth tooth it was the biggest cavity I had located on the left bottom side of my mouth. My top left tooth was the one that hurt the most and was hard to fill-in.

They gave me a shot and numbed the bottom left part of my mouth. The numbness didn't wear off for me until about 8pm... well I really don't know exactly when because I was napping.

After all these years my dentist Dr. David Waugh, still can't believe I have yet to get my wisdom teeth pulled. They haven't been an issue so why get them pulled now? Is really how I've looked at the situation. I have somewhat of a crossbite and that was part of the reason why I was considering braces. I may reconsidering getting some Invisalign braces soon.

My first trip back to the dentist wasn't bad at all only thing I don't like is the x-ray part and getting 5 fill-ins all in one day... but hey gotta do what you have to do.

*Challenge for myself: Floss more and chill out on the sweets some.

*Note to you and myself: Go to the dentist more often... no matter how "busy" you are!

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