Hot Box Eatery

Ever needed a place where you can get lunch on the go?

If you haven't stumbled across this store front located on the corner of 5th and Market... yet ... then you're truly missing out.  

Personally, I wish I would have walked myself inside of their doors sooner than I did. The 'Hot Box Eatery' has been around for more than a year. Although its' owners are no strangers to the food business.

The Kroon family have had prior restaurants in town such as Adriaan's Around the Table on Beckley Station Road and Adriaan's at Limestone Bay, a private club in Prospect. 

The 'Hot Box Eatery' is only open during lunch hours 11am until 2pm, Monday through Friday .  

This is a place that service a variety of food from Mexican, Italian, Indonesian, Mediterranean, Greek, Lebanese, French all the way to 'American'. 

They serve soups, salads, pastas and sandwiches. Monday, Wednesday and Friday's are the Chef's Special days. As for Tuesday it is designated for Indonesian Chicken Peanut Satay and Thursday is known for Mediterranean Pasta day.  

My food was paid for and prepared in roughly 10 minutes. Everything on the Hot Box Eatery menu ranges from 7 to 9 dollars.

I purchased the Sangria Salad. The salad consist of romaine lettuce, chicken breast, bacon, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and mozzerella cheese served with raspberry dressing and garlic toast.

The sales price was $8.50 before tax, afterwards it came up to $9.01.  

I was torn between this and getting the Philly Cheesesteak hoagie with roasted potatoes. Next time I visit this casual dining place I will be sure to try a hot meal instead.  

The staff is very friendly and they even know some of their customers by name. I maybe one of those frequent customers, hopefully my visit back will be a lot sooner rather than later! 😊