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Love for the Culture🌍

I believe everyone should be "cultured" within some way knowing about others and their way of life!

The WorldFest is a festival that takes place in downtown Louisville at the Belvedere every first weekend in September. This year marks 15 years of diversity! Over the years Louisville has over 100 languages spoken in public schools and 35 percent of the city’s population growth comes from international residents from over 150 different countries throughout the world.

The festival scheduled from Friday, September 1 until Monday, September 4; the first day of the festival was a complete wash out. Thanks to the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey the activities for Friday's opening day were all cancelled.

If you're a food lover like myself than you would have a hard time deciding what to eat as well. There are different food vendors such as Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Ethiopian, American, Caribbean, Cambodian, Greek, Mediterranean, Vietnamese, French and Italian options to eat from.

While at the festival I was able to sample various drinks and food I personally am not a fan of tea. However this black owned business, tea manufactured in Kentucky gave me a change of taste buds. Paradise Island Tea, gave out small cup samples of their tea. I first tried their apple peach tea followed by their passion ginger flavored tea. I definitely was not a fan of the ginger but the apple peach made me forget I was even drinking tea... that flavor was delicious reminded me more so of juice.

Black Eyed Peas? Gross! (of course you may think differently) Have you ever had mashed black eyed peas fried? Surprisingly I have... and it was actually good! It seemed more so like I was eating a hush puppy or a piece of cornbread.

It's called Àkàrà also known as bean cakes or fritters. It is a West African and street food.

Strawberrry and Cookies & Creme

I passed away some time by walking around eating some amazing gelato as I observed all the food vendors and what they have to offer.

I stumbled across a food vendor called Taj Palace, an Indian based restaurant located on Goose Creek. My first time having Indian food wasn't bad at all. I got the Chicken Chili and Vegetarian Samosa. The chili had sweet and sour masala sauce,

however due to the peppers it made it spicy more than sweet. As for the Samosa those were fried 'triangular patties' with peas and potatoes cooked with spices. I was not able to finish it all... thankfully the vendor had to-go boxes.

Chicken Chilli and Vegetarian Samosa

Amongst all the food there were many vendors selling merchandise. There are many different tables filled with jewelry, in-scents, oils, african soap and toys as handmade clothing hung on racks along with purses to match. Also, there are tables for those promoting their business and organization. I found a school that I am interested in checking out to further my fluency in french.

So we have the food and shopping aspect covered but you can't forget about the music... and amazing people all out having a great time. Playing, dancing, swimming, and watch others enjoy themselves.

Before leaving the festival I had to go back for some more amazing gelato because who knows when the next I'll be able to make it out Prospect, KY! A great time indeed it was definitely looking forward to next year.

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