Making America Great 'Again' OR Worse?

The world discovers billionaire and 'Apprentice' celebrity Donald Trump is the United States President-elect. Trump won the 2016 Election bearing 290 electoral votes oppose to Democrat Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 228, needing 270 to win. Clinton won the election by popular votes instead. Trump gains his victory over Clinton due to the electoral votes earned by the battleground states which wins him the presidency seat inside of the White House.

Republican Donald Trump

Since 2000, a president has not won the election solely off of the electoral votes without winning the popular votes as well.

Early Wednesday morning following the results of the election chaos then begins. The nation has not been the same from coast to coast, several Anti-Trump protest have formed. Demonstrations that were intended to be peaceful eventually turned into riots, leaving some citizens injured and others arrested. Protesting rising in various locations from California to Illinois and Georgia to New York hitting other cities and states that lie far and close between.

Media has shown the wide range of Americans on college and university campuses protesting at schools such as Le Monye College and Western Kentucky University.

Well known celebrities such as singer Chris Brown, Lady Gaga and rapper T.I. have joined in on the protest action along with expressing their emotions on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram.

Celebrity singer Lady Gaga receives interesting comments after expressing her political views on Instagram.

Many Americans are expressing themselves on all platforms of social media, trying to make sense of how something such as this could happen. How could anyone want a person such as Trump to be our president for the next four years? ... OR is he their president.

The "Not My President" and "No Racist USA" protest have occurred for several days now.

Protesting even continues into Thursday night only this time in Louisville, Kentucky. Like most events this protest started as a Facebook invite to help circulate the word of 'peaceful protesting' taking place in downtown Louisville.

Facebook event invite that brought hundreds of Anti-Trump voters out on Thursday night following Election Tuesday.

About five hundred people gathered in downtown Louisville at the Jefferson Square Park holding signs displaying messages such as:

Protest route walking up 7th Street, across Ali, down fourth and back up to Jefferson.

Yelling chants and holding signs such as:

  • "We reject the President-elect!"

  • "Love Trumps Hate!"

  • "Hey, Hey,Ho,Ho Donald Trump Has Got to Go!"

  • "My body, my choice!... Her body, her choice!"

  • "No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA"

  • "Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter..."

Chanting while spectators drive by and blew their horns in agreement, passerby's eventually joining in on the protest. The protest went on for three hours with very few pro Trump voters interrupting those expressing their feelings about the results of the election.

Co-organizer of the protest Kate was in-despair from the election results and wanted to put on an event to show that people can come together, work against social justice and still move forward. Kate is very impressed with the results of the protest, "this is not going to stop [people] but make them work harder for the issues that matter."