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Mexican Monday

Most people know that Monday's are best paired with Margarita's. What better place to go to have a few drinks then to pay a visit to a local Mexican restaurant.

Wild Rita's is located in Kentucky, downtown Louisville NuLu area. The location of Wild Rita's is located on one of Louisville's busiest streets filled with various eateries and surrounded by many local attractions.

Wild Rita's is located in the NuLu area of Louisville.

When visiting new restaurants it takes me a while to analyze the entire menu. It's not often that I eat at authentic Mexican restaurants unless you're counting Taco Bell as one of those places.

Wild Rita's menu was slightly overwhelming. There were things on the menu that I never heard of... most of these things were the variety of drinks that they offer. One side of the menu is dedicated to the food that they serve and the entire back of the menu list some of Rita's finest liquor options. You can either order by the shot, glass, liter or bottle.

The menu reads in Spanish and English. There are somethings on the menu that one is able to make out themselves. It was heard for me to decide if I wanted to go to the bar for half off appetizers by 7pm or if I just wanted to dine in the dining hall. I chose to DINE IN!

Wild Rita's has a beautiful decorum vibrant color scheme, miniature skulls hanging on the walls, sombreros placed throughout the restaurant along with cool chandeliers.

I was amazed by the scenery and believe it played a part in prolonging the process for me to order in addition not knowing what's great to try.

Enchiladas (Chicken and Chorizo) with Rice

I didn't get anything half price. I chose to go big or go home at the same time sticking with something I know... I asked the waiter several times what do they suggest they gave me a few things to choose from and they kept it honest in terms of what's spicy and what's worth spending my money on as well as curing my hunger.

Here's what I got...

Enchiladas (Chicken and Chorizo) with Rice and Papas Con Chipotle

On Wild Rita's menu it is located under the 'Entradas' section. You receive three 6" corn rolled tortillas with Mexican cheese blend topped with your choice of sauce and crema served with two sides.

Knowing me I just had to be "extra" with my order mostly because I was unsure of various things mainly when it came to the sauces. Instead of getting one sauce over top of my food I was able to get all of them in a cup.

EVERYTHING was delicious! The Papas Con Chipotle was interesting. They're both Idaho and sweet potatoes with chipotle, which made a sweet yet spicy combination. I have to admit though the rice was a little dry and over cooked yet it's edible.

To accommodate such an amazing meal I ordered a Wild Rita, which was full price instead of half. The only rita half off was the Casa, although things may have changed since my visit there. The rita I chose was mixed with Lunazul Blanco, Grand Marnier, Lime-Infused Grain Alcohol, Agave Nectar and Lime all set on fire. Yes, FIRE!! Of course, there was sugar along the rim of my cup...I somehow had to keep the sweetness alive. There's a video recorded of my drink being set on fire but I rather not spoil the excitement and secret for you.

The total of my meal came to be $22 (tax nor tip not included). To me that is fairly reasonable compared to what I initial wanted and would have spent on food.

I give this place a high review and I recommend for you to give Wild Rita's a try!

To learn more about Wild Rita's visit their website.

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