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Enchanted Dreams Coming True

It's important to be careful during these sensitive times when making big business decisions!

Letting the affects of COVID19 stop this particular person from making boss moves ---is not an option, "I have never been the type of woman to let anything or anyone stop me," singer and new business owner, Chanson Calhoun states.

Over the years Chanson constantly receives many compliments on hair, lashes and clothes. Despite her having a keen eye for fashion she felt incomplete because her good taste was not being used to promote her own brand. Chanson came up with her on press-on nail collection, Enchanted Lux Nails and believed that along with creating music was not good enough for her.

An opportunity has now been presented for Chanson to have a space where she is able to conduct shows and create more content for everyone to enjoy.

TONIGHT -- Friday, August 14 the Grand Opening of  EnCHANted Boutique and Creative Space will take place promptly at 7PM with a ribbon cutting and blessing by her childhood pastor.

In June, Chanson came across the Crescent Hill area venue located on Frankfort Avenue, which was the first space she found during search.

Most people say do not go with the first thing that you see, however it was something about this particular location near the railroad tracks that made Chanson choose to pour all of her talents, interests and desires into one building. 

Love By Francois is a custom design and printing business that will occupy the rear area of the space. Love By Francois is created by her business partner Tameaka Francois.

In addition to witnessing new roles of entrepreneurship being created this evening, attendees can also expect several other reasons to celebrate. One huge reason is the fact Chanson turns 27 along with a live of the first performances in a while since fans and family learned the expectancy of a baby boy soon!

Chanson speaks with us about how being pregnant and seeing her dreams come true all at the same time has been overwhelming but an overall amazing learning experience.

You just have to go for it! The timing might not ever be right... I had to make sure I was in alignment with God in what was really tugging at my spirit to do.

Chanson mentioned how her unborn son has given her more motivation than ever and has helped her see things in a different perspective, "like oh I'm about to be a whole mom and can't believe it but also he inspires me already to provide and to just show him he can do literally anything....if he's led by God."

Over the last couple months, Chanson has become a painter, plumber and overall handyman when preparing the storefront for tonight’s grand opening.

The venue is not just for Chanson to grow her brand but she is giving other artists the opportunity to showcase their talents also, "trying to give opportunity as well as create opportunity for [herself]," Chanson states.

Some services that are provided at Enchanted include a boutique shopping experience, beginner piano + vocal lessons, space rental, rehearsal space, fellowship center and more!

When arriving it will be like an enchanted forest for all things faith, fashion, music, mental wellness and creativity. For tonight there will be a live band, DJ PartyAllWknd on the 1's and 2's, food and drinks available, performance by Chanson and her students.

The decorum within the building is unique and can be changed in the future based on needs of those who are willing to rent out the space. As of now for tonight you will see a handmade stage, nail bar, enchanted vending machine and much more.

After tonight's grand opening and once COVID slows down Chanson's goal is to release as much new music as she possibly can.

Her album "Strange" was expected to debut this past March. Although releasing new music content has slowed down for her some a new album is possibly on the way... if not by the end of 2020 then definitely some time within 2021.

Stay tuned!

Follow Chanson and Enchanted Boutique

Facebook: Chanson Calhoun

Instagram: @Chansonnnnnnn and @EnchantedbyChanson


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